Friends of the Hydro

Over the years… 32 to be exact… the HAUNTED HYDRO has seen many Haunted Houses COME and GO… we yearly attend the Transworld National Halloween Convention in St. Louis and other Haunt Industry Shows, take many of our crew and attend educational seminars, buy exciting props, costuming, makeup, take bus tours and more at the Tradeshow and of course hang-out with many other HAUNTED HOUSE owners/actors/builders and more. HALLOWEEN is really a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Some of our HAUNT INDUSTRY Friends who we would recommend you visit are as follows this year…

In Alphabetical Order:

Backwoodz Oddities – Waverly, OH

Blood Prison – Mansfield, OH

Factory of Terror – Canton, OH

Factory of the Dead – Saginaw, MI

Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory – Akron, OH

Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse – Perrysville, OH

Designed by The Village of Darkness
A very special thanks to Jeff Beach Photography, Dee Miller-Owens, Bad Wolf Photography, Kyle Dickman, Bonnie Brown and Bill Mershon, Weitzman Photography for their great photos