Each season the Owners & management of the HYDRO DARK ATTRACTION PARK and many of their dedicated CAST & CREW team members get together and have a winter BRAIN-STORMING Think-Tank weekend and discuss plans and ideas for the upcoming season. Out of this fun and casual meeting of the MINDS a NEW overall theme for the Park is chosen as well as the names for the 2 major attractions and from there the building, set and scene design, costuming, makeup and character development begins typically as soon as the snow melts!

The HYDRO’s philosophy over its “27” Successful Years in the Haunted House business is to involve and engage the people around you that have a passion and a desire to create HALLOWEEN MAGIC and by surrounding yourself with a TEAM of people who share the same vision as you… GREAT things will come out of it!

The Haunted Hydro is an entire PARK dedicated to SCARY fun for ALL and this season we are proud to feature the following attractions…

HAUNT-O-POCALYPSE 2 – We are continuing the storyline we rose from the DEAD last year… WHY… because it was absolutely amazing, patrons requested it and the cast and crew demanded it….!

The HYDRO Main Attraction isQUARANTINE
Our 2nd Main Attraction is the WOODS known as



It has been confirmed by CRAZY BOB, the DIPLOMAT of DISEASE CONTROL that the once safe & secure HAUNTED HYDRO Fortress has been compromised and the FEAR OUTBREAK has overtaken the HYDRO… causing Septic Mutations, Terrorizing Transformations and many MONSTER Metamorphoses to hundreds inside the confine. The highly opposed and hasty marriage of a beautiful upper-class woman and a Rotting River Man from the WOODS INFESTATION last year is believed to be the start of it all. CRAZY BOB has found the woman and QUARANTINED her inside the hydro… but many are still changing and showing signs of infection! Her husband and his River Rebel friends from the WOODS are HELL-BENT on finding his bride inside the HYDRO who they feel is being held hostage against her will! CRAZY BOB has Chemists, Doctors, Specialists, CSI Investigators and more working round the clock desperately searching for the CAUSE and the CURE… but fear the plague will sweep the confine.

Now that you know the truth… you must cautiously and bravely enter the HYDRO QUARANTINE & the dreaded WOODS INFESTATION… one person in every group will be given a special Identification item to use in case the UNEXPECTED occurs… but beware of ALL things inside & out and TRUST no one… It is your MISSION to find your way out and not be INFECTED and TRAPPED behind the Hydro WALLS or worse yet…be taken captive by the Creature Clans at their deranged River Camps…. Interact & EXPERIENCE the worst FEAR OUTBREAK epidemic in HALLOWEEN History… HAUNT-O-POCALYPSE has now begun…. PREPARE YOURSELVES….!!!!!!!!

• 3 - NEW – High-Speed Escape Room Attractions – Sponsored by:

Patrons have 3-5-minutes to find the puzzle pieces to complete the brain-teaser and win a PRIZE all the while a video, audio or a real LIVE Monster is giving the clues. 3 years ago we had 1… last year we had 2 and this year we added a 3rd exciting ESCAPE ROOM… to TEASE and PLEASE you! Patrons who successfully solve the puzzles this year will bet to spin the WHEEL of FORTUNE to see what prize they win as well as get entered into a drawing to win a $1,000.00 GIFT CARD from FRIENDSHIP FOOD STORES that will be drawn on HALLOWEEN NIGHT.

1 - Munchy’s Friendship Emporium – Your one stop for all your Post-Apocalyptic needs!
2 - Isolation – Can you find the skeletal remains and put him back together before TIME runs OUT...!
3 - Mobile Unit for Zombie Control or MC/ZC – The CURE for the INFECTION is hidden in this Mobile Lab… It is
up to you to help the Dr. find what he needs to save the WORLD!

• The Ghoul’s Gallery & Museum – Dark Photo Art Exhibit – featuring images from our 4th season of successful and fun Group Photo Shoot Events all taken at the Hydro. Many photo’s are for sale and we allow all visitors to vote for their favorite images and award the winning Photographer & Model a special PEOPLE’s CHOICE award at the end of the season. The MUSEUM features 27 years of HYDRO’s evolution in memorabilia from over the seasons – Totally FREE with your admission! NEW this year… a FREE “Committee’s Choice” Print will be given away to one lucky visitor each weekend.

• Crazy Bob’s Shirt Shack & Gift Shop – Buy this years new COOL design T-shirt and browse through the creative crafts and amazing art pieces that our Cast and Crew have designed and are selling in the Gift Shop this year. Everything from one of a kind works of art to handmade Voo Doo dolls, jewelry, knitted items and more! See what TALENT lies within our ranks….

• UNDEAD CREATIONS - Airbrush Artist Station by Award Winning Artist: Joe Bower – Let Joe work his magic on you and/or your friends, check out his designs or show him your idea, Joe can also be hired for parties or private sessions and specializes in face and half and full body painting as well.

R & D Concessions featuring FALL FAVORITES plus French Fries, Sandwiches, Sweet Treats, beverages and much more!

WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A HAUNTED HOUSE…. COME AND #ExperienceTheHydro this Year… you will NEVER be disappointed!

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